"F*ck the World" is off of my upcoming mixtape Before My Time, Volume 4. Shooting for the video is going as planned and is on time. We are all very eager, and excited to premier the video as soon as it is complete, but until then check out the latest trailer for the video. Accompanying the video is some pictures from the shoot, and of the people working most closely with this project. Check out the video and pictures below.

Exclusive Trailer #2 for F*ck The World

Latest Photos from the F*ck the World Video
Left to Right: Perri Maclin (Skreet Entertainment), KJ Hines, Jamie Humber (Freedom Heights)

F*ck the World video is about to be off the chain, you already know!

Just a little somethin' extra.
bobby jackson
6/18/2011 03:50:08 am

Meet your dad today at Johnstone gave me ur cd that's wats sup


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