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KJ Hines - Pop Off
Everyone comes to a point in their life where they have to face their demons.... Much love and respect to Rich (@fkirich), Mike Fresh (@mikefresh), and Kayneo (@billionairebeat)
People have been asking where I have been for the past few months.. My answer is I've been "Brain Storming." Peep out my new track produced by my Zooly family FKi. Be on the look out for my up coming mixtape Eternal Knowledge.

KJ Hines - Brain Storming (Prod. by FKi)
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This song is to let all the people that thought I fell off after my old situation, I'm back... special shout out to my #toke brother Jbar and my #zooly fam Rich for being there for me in my time of need and while recording this track. I'll let the song explain the rest... Follow my brothers @jbarsodmg & @fkirayerich & @smtracks!

KJ Hines - I'm Back (Prod. By S. M. Tracks)
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This song really is like a movie, I had this story in my head and kind of based it off of my life story. I wanted everyone that has a dream to realize dreams do come true and even though all odds can be against you blessings come in mysterious forms. With that said keep your head up and keep your faith because it's always darkest before the light and you never know when, where or who your blessing will come from, keep the peace... Special shout out to @smtracks for this beat

KJ Hines - Dreams (Prod By S.M. Tracks)
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_First of all I wanna say it was a blessing to receive this beat from K.E on tha track. It really touched me in a way that I could express my emotions on it. This song was from the heart and I wrote it during sxsw. I was just thinking about some of the things that's going on in this world and thought "you know everyone goes through different things but at the end of the day everything is going to be alright if you keep your head up and keep faith, everyone eventually gets to where they want to get in time if they don't give up or self destruct" and since I'm 1/3 of the toke team "take.on.knowledge.everyday" I really want to spread the knowledge I've been blessed with, with the world. Shout out to the whole toke team Jbar and dandan and my leftlane crew! I hope everyone enjoys this record as much as I enjoyed making it peace & love....
_The week has finally past school is over, work is over, TGIF.. Me and my hommies ChoZe, Repo G Promise and Kevin Thomas got together and made this track for y'all to enjoy over the weekend enjoy!! u can find Repo and Choze on twitter @_choze @_1repo
_This track is off my Before By Time Vol.4 mixtape at the time I was going through a transition in my life where I started realizing a lot of my so called friends were really around for the wrong reason. Sometimes that feeling can just make you wanna be alone and say fuck everybody. I know that's not the most positive message but that's just how I was feeling. I am a human just like anyone else who is filled with all kinds of emotions positive and negative. so I hope some of you can relate to this and vibe out to this if your in the same position I was in when I wrote this song much love

S.O. Perri Maclin of SkreetEnt.com for the visuals

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_ I couldn't put it in more simpler terms, life is what you make it. You can make your life miserable by focusing on negative energy and negative things, or u can live in heaven by focusing on positive things in life and being constructive... I talk about all different situations on this Johnny Juliano beat. I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!