_ I couldn't put it in more simpler terms, life is what you make it. You can make your life miserable by focusing on negative energy and negative things, or u can live in heaven by focusing on positive things in life and being constructive... I talk about all different situations on this Johnny Juliano beat. I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

_This songs meaning is about when you have problems or negativity in your life, sometimes you just have to let it go and let things be. I've been through rough times just like any body else in life and the main thing that keeps me positive is just letting shit go sometimes. I teamed up with my home girl Red Soul from Atlanta and it turned out better then I ever expected check it out below!

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Check out this track I did with my home boy JBar a little while back. The track itself has a cool down-south type swag to it that is sure to bang when your ridin' around town to it. Produced by Billionaire Beat, the track is a solid 4 minutes and 16 seconds of pure musical rap genius.

Be sure to check out JBar's Latest project entitled "TOKE" or Take.On.Knowledge.Everyday. You can find the mixtape HERE
Check out my latest drop entitled "All Around The World" Featuring ChoZe and Josh Gates. The story behind this one starts out in Austin, Texas. I recently put on a show at a place called Lamberts in downtown Austin. My bro's Choze and Josh Gates accompanied me during the trip down to the capital city and at one point we found ourselves in the studio with A Squared Productions. Long time friend Aime threw some beats our way and at the end of the day we Choze the one you are about to listen to. Choze starts things off, then Josh Gates jumps on the mic. You can catch me on the hook and on the last verse of the track.

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KJ Hines - All Around The World (Feat ChoZe & Josh Gates)
Check out my latest track "Pray", I go in over Common's "Celebrate" instrumental. When I get down, mad, happy, or sad I am not usually one to express myself through words but rather through song. This track is meant to be a conversation between me and the lord above. The artwork below is actually my own original artwork I came up with for the track, making this one a little more personal than all the rest. Take the time to check it out below and leave comments and let me know how you feel about it.
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